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Tropical Funky Fish Shopping Online

We sell online almost everything to do marine life from dry goods including: Air Stones - Nets Fish tanks - Filters - Heaters - Pumps - Ponds - Aquatic Plants - Treated Driftwood and Rocks Dried food - Frozen or Live Fish Food - Cold Water Fish - Tropical Fish - Unusual Marine Animals - Water Test Kits - Air pumps - Décor Backgrounds -Gravel and much more…

Fish: Cichlids - Tiger barbs - Corydoras - Danios - Discus Guppies - Gouramies - Loaches - Mollies -  Platies - Plecs Puffer fish - Tetras - Siamese fighters - Swordtails  

All areas: Monmouth Lydney Chepstow Bath Bristol Cardiff London Newport Cwmbran Gloucester Carmarthern Swansea Stroud Hereford Bridgend Worcester Taunton Crewkerne Yeovil Malvern Ledbury Usk Port Talbot Ross-on-Wye Leominster

Tropical Funky Fish Online Shop is located in Trellech Between Monmouth and Chepstow There is free parking and good access from Cardiff Cwmbran Newport Gloucester Bristol Raglan Usk Abergavenny Carmarthen - Tropical fish filters ponds aquarium tanks supplies for Hereford Worcester Oxford London Sussex Kent Essex England to Bridgend Swansea the whole of Wales Edinburgh Scotland Belfast Northern Ireland UK Dublin Eire Europe USA Australia and Worldwide.

D-D-reverse-osmosis-filtration-unit Angel Chichlid Filter-FX4

Our tropical & cold water fish are obtained from trusted & ethical breeders.


Tropical Funky Fish Shop Buying Online

You can buy most dry goods like Reverse Osmosis systems, fish and water care treatments, and our marine gill bearing animals like tropical fish, cold water fish, eels, also crustaceans and fresh water mussels from our online shop

Supplying tropical Fish to the UK

1 Trellech An archaeologist (bit of welsh for you, just for fun, click the snippet to find out the English translation) Ar ôl llawer o waith caled ac arian a fuddsoddodd yn y prosiect hwn found the lost medieval city on Wales England borders This has been watched on BBC1 Wales in 2018 called ‘Hidden Wales' References: Website: https://www.lostcityoftrellech.org/ (Lost City of Trellech Project) - Wiki Ref 6 Website  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trellech


Healthy tropical & cold water species

Dry goods available in our online shop

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